Wednesday, March 4, 2015

today's breakfast and lunch

I can't seem to break out of the habit of eating foods from the same color group.  Seems like almost everything I eat is some shade of brown.  It's not on purpose or because I don't like variety.  It just happens.

Breakfast was Greek yogurt, toasted coconut flavor.  Peanuts mixed in, as usual.  I never cared much for yogurt until I had the gastric bypass.  Now I find that I crave it, which is good because it has a ton of protein.  And if you buy the right one, it's low in sugar and calories and doesn't taste like they dumped a truckload of artificial sweetener into it.  I always buy Dannon Light & Fit Greek, although I tried the Great Value brand from Walmart this time.  Pretty good.

Snack was celery and hummus. I'm on a celery and hummus kick lately.  It takes care of my urge for something crunchy and helps me avoid a ton of calories when I want to graze. (I picked up the really bad habit of grazing when I was in that last job that I hated.)

Lunch was some sort of chicken I picked up at the Whole Foods hot bar.  I know, I know.  I wasn't supposed to buy anything I didn't need, but life has been crap for 8 months and I felt I deserved to treat myself to a small container of chicken.

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