Sunday, May 11, 2014

the week in review

I've had quite the week.

Although I haven't reached 100 lbs lost, I made it below 250 today!  I'm very close to my next milestone, though.  I went through my closet and tote boxes last night in order to find something that actually fit.  I found some denim capris that I bought a couple years ago and never wore.  Now they fit!  And I didn't look old and frumpy last night when I went out, which was nice.

I reported earlier last week that we put in a bid on a house.  The sellers countered, then we countered again. We found out late Wednesday night we won the bid.  So happy!  We just love the property and the amount of space in the house.  Next on the to-do list is the inspection, which will happen this week.  As long as nothing really big is found, looks like we'll be moving in a couple months.  Our contract says we have to close by June 30.  I keep saying that I'm going to start going through my cabinets, but somehow I always find something better to do.  Guess I'll need to buckle down very soon.

I also reported earlier last week that I got a sign that not all hope is lost of getting into the right job.  Nothing has changed with respect to that, but I had a talk with my boss this week about the whole situation.  I told her how I'm feeling and that I took the wrong job.  She was very professional about it.  She is trying to incorporate more things I like to do in order to make me like the job more, but I pretty much know that this job isn't for me.  It may have been right a few years ago, but I just don't want to do this kind of work anymore.  I need freedom and independence.  I feel too boxed in right now.  People had told me not to say anything, because the boss might decide to let me go.  But she asked me point blank how things are going with the job and I couldn't lie.  I'm just not someone who lies.  Too exhausting and confusing to keep up with lies.  I'm so happy I said something; I feel so much better about the whole situation now.  And I'm still employed!

I really believe things happen for a reason, in the order they're supposed to happen.  And I also believe that had I not come clean with my boss at work, we wouldn't have won the bid for the house.  Also, as much as I'm dying to get into the other company, he's not ready for me yet, which is good because I'm trying to get a mortgage and I can't change jobs right now.  It's just not meant to be at this moment in time.  Sounds weird, maybe, but that's what I believe.

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