Monday, May 5, 2014

chocolate protein donuts

I finally made the protein donuts I've been wanting to make.  I had all the ingredients, but was lazy about making them.

I topped mine with no sugar added dark chocolate and either unsweetened coconut or chopped peanuts. The chocolate I used I found at Whole Foods and it's Lily's brand.  You can look here:  Lily's Sweets.  This chocolate is delicious.  You would never know it's sweetened with Stevia and contains no added sugar.  It's $3.99 a bar, though; however, I don't eat chocolate hardly ever anymore.

These donuts were awesome!  The almond flour gives it a nice taste and they are chocolatey.  They don't taste fake at all.

Here's the recipe I followed.  I didn't change anything:  Chocolate Protein Donuts
Note:  The recipe makes 24 donuts.  I would probably bake these for maybe 6 minutes instead of 8. Seemed a tad dry, but that could be what they're supposed to be like.

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