Thursday, May 22, 2014

first trip to mcdonald's, post-surgery

Today was pretty busy:  3-hour meeting at work this morning, lots of follow-up stuff from the meeting, last appointment of the root canal process (got the crown!), trip to BJ's, then home to meet with the appraiser. Needless to say, no cooking happened tonight.  I didn't feel like driving to Duchess (my new fast food place), so I ended up stopping at McDonald's.  Definitely not my first choice, but it's at the top of my street and I wanted to get home.

This was my first trip to McDonald's post-surgery.  When I got to the drive-thru I had no idea what to order, and then I remembered they used to have something called a Snack Wrap and it had chicken.  I asked if they still had them since the menu isn't very well-organized.  Plus, I always feel this insane pressure to ordeer right away and not upset the flow of the drive-thru.  They did so I ordered the wrap with grilled chicken and Ranch dressing.  Remembering how tiny these things were, and how hungry I was, I ordered three of them.  Yes, three.  I ordered with my pre-surgery mindset.  I got Bob a Quarter ounder and some fries.

For anyone who is wondering, yes, I snuck a few fries from the bag.  So, I got home and opened the bag and took out a wrap.  It seemed really big to me.  It seemed to be the size of a standard sandwich wrap, which anyone who has had a McDonald's snack wrap knows it is not nearly as big nor as heavy.  It's amazing what this surgery has done to my perception of serving sizes.  Before surgery, those three snack wraps would have been just that:  a snack.  Or an accompaniment to a Big Mac and fries. (More on that another time.)  Now?  One wrap looked, to my post-surgery mind, to be the equivalent of a Big Mac, plus fries pre-surgery.  Make sense?

I ate the one wrap, but not without ripping off a good part of the wrap to minimize the amount of bread I was eating.  Plus, it just seemed to bulky.  I had one of Bob's chicken nuggets and a couple more fries.  And I'm full.  As full as if I'd had the Big Mac and fries.

Was the magic still there?  No, not really.  It's a decent stand-in when I can't get something better, but I no longer crave McDonald's or really even think about it.

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