Friday, May 2, 2014

"I could do anything": the job from hell

Yesterday I created my job from heaven.  Now I'm supposed to create my job from Hell, which should be the exact opposite.  I have to come up with things that would make me want to quit or avoid the job altogether.  This won't be hard.

OK, here's my job from Hell:

I have to be to work at 8 am or earlier, which means setting my alarm and going to bed at a reasonable time. (Wow, I already feel like I'm in prison after that one sentence.)  The work day starts at 8 (or earlier) and goes until after 5 pm. I'm non-exempt and hourly, and allowed no overtime, which means keeping track of every hour.   If I have an appointment I have to take PTO or make up the time.  My boss micromanages me and always wants to know what I'm doing and why I didn't get X or Y done.  I sit in a cubicle next to someone who talks to herself all day.  People interrupt me all the time and like to stop by and chat for 15 minutes or more.  The boss doesn't get personal and never asks about my family or home life.  All day it's go, go, go.  I do work that requires dotting every I and crossing every T and keeping up with the latest industry news to a fault.  I'm a worker bee and have no say in anything.  I work in only one area.  I have no freedom to direct my own work.  I have to attend multiple meetings everyday.  I've got lots of system knowledge, but it's never called into use.  Working from home is not allowed.  Ever.

It exists and I'm pretty much living it right now.

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