Thursday, May 1, 2014

"i could do anything": the job from heaven

I like this exercise.  I'm supposed to create my job from Heaven.  Basically, I have to come up with a job that includes everything I love and want to do, no matter how crazy or unattainable it seems.  The only rule is that my "job from Heaven" has to include actual work and hours I want to keep.

The next exercise, which I'll post tomorrow, is to create my job from Hell.  I think that one will be pretty easy now that I've left my old job and have a new one.  I can drawn on the experiences of both and hopefully avoid the "job from Hell" in the future.

OK, here's my ideal job:

I don't need to set my alarm, because my hours are flexible.  The typical work day starts around 9, but could be earlier if I feel like getting out of bed.  I'm exempt and salaried; no need to punch a time clock or worry when I need to leave for an appointment or come in late because I'm ordering Def Leppard tickets.  I have an office with deep purple walls.  Each morning when I arrive the boss asks me how I'm doing, how are my cats and husband, and tells me about how he and his family are doing.  I work at my own pace, I have goals to work towards, my work actually means something to me and I enjoy it.  I eat lunch out everyday and then come back and write a review about it on my blog; I get paid for that as part of my job.  The boss allows one hour of reading time so I can catch up on all the novels I'm waiting to read. I also get time to take a cooking lesson when I feel like it.  No one interrupts me during the day, and if they do, it's a short conversation.  I work independently, only involving the boss and other people when necessary.  When I'm not reading or writing restaurant/food reviews, I teach people how the systems work and write custom reports that help the boss determine the next step for the company.  I write procedures and fix some computers.  I figure out any new systems we have.  Since I know everything about the system, people are always amazed at how I was able to extract information with so few tools available to me.  It's a small company where everyone knows everyone else and people care.  It's more like a family.  Oh, and I get to work from home one day a week.  I have a say in the decisions and often recommend decisions.

Wonder if this exists??  If so, let me know.  I'll get right on it!

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