Tuesday, January 28, 2014

tonight's dinner...

I went to Whole Foods today, which was tough because there are so many foods I love there.  I was looking for a specific ingredient I needed for a recipe I want to try.  I was OK until I got to the last isle.  I got to the cheese section and that was fine; I'm allowed cheese.  Actually, it's a good source of protein for me. They had some samples out so I grabbed a couple pieces.  Yummy!  Some sort of aged cheddar.  I moved on to the hot bar and after walking around the islands several times I grabbed a small roasted boneless chicken thigh, some garlic green beans, and two roasted Brussels sprouts (I wanted to try something totally new). Oh, and some hummus.  After that I started towards the registers.  Walking by the bakery and the pizza counter was tough.  Not emotional, just tough.  I felt some faint cravings for the pigs in blankets and the fresh bread.  I then started to wander around the bakery area and gaze at all the goods.  I looked for the house made granola bars and found them.  Not sure why I bothered since it's a little too early for those.  And it's a total binge food for me.  Realizing that I was starting to lust after the bagels, I grabbed some donuts for Bob and left.

So here's tonight's dinner.  1.5 oz chicken, half a Brussels sprout and three garlic green beans.  Verdict?  My stomach wasn't too thrilled with the chicken.  It felt kinda heavy in there and it just didn't agree.  It could be that chicken isn't going to by my friend anymore, or could be all the oil.  Given the level of sheen on these food items, I'm willing to bet they were cooked with a crap load of oil.  I'm not sure how I feel about the Brussels sprout.  It was OK.  I didn't detect anything other than oil. No seasonings or anything.  I think I might try making my own before I make a final decision.

And obviously Max enjoyed playing in the bag.

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