Thursday, January 23, 2014

today's breakfast...

I had a root canal a couple weeks ago and yesterday was part two.  My affected tooth has been bothering me so I'm sticking to very soft "slider" foods until the pain goes away.

Today's breakfast isn't very exciting.  I started the morning with a Bariwise cinnamon flavored hot chocolate (15g protein!).  Now I'm having my Dannon Light & Fit Greek yogurt.  Key Lime flavor.  It's low in sugar and high in protein (12g!), which is great for a bariatric patient.  We require at least 70-75g protein everyday, so any foods or drinks that are high in protein are on our radar.

I never thought I would get into the whole Greek yogurt thing, but I really like this brand.  When I went shopping for yogurt shortly after surgery, I was horrified to see the whole yogurt display taken over by Greek yogurt.  I had tried it when it first hit the shelves and hated it.  Tasted sour to me.  But now that I've had gastric bypass, the higher-sugar, lower-protein regular yogurts just aren't worth it for me to eat.  I spent a lot of time in the isle and discovered Dannon Light & Fit Greek.  This will be my go-to yogurt from now on.  Especially because they have chocolate cherry and chocolate raspberry flavors.

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