Friday, January 31, 2014

today's lunch...

Today was 2.25 oz of egg salad with a couple crackers.  It wasn't very low in fat, though.  I made it with regular mayo because I was out of the light version.  And my crackers were also regular (buttery Town House crackers, which I LOVE!), not reduced fat.  When I go shopping I plan to get light mayo and reduced fat crackers.

Since I only average about 600 calories a day right now it's probably not a big deal to have the full fat versions of my foods, but I don't want to get into the mindset that it's always OK just because my calories are low.  There's more saturated fat and cholesterol in regular mayo than there is in light mayo.  If arteriosclerosis runs in your family as it does in mine, that's something to think about.

Nutritional breakdown:

  • 197 calories
  • 18.6 g fat
  • .5 g carbs
  • 6.3 g protein
I made this with three hard boiled eggs, 4 TB regular mayo and some salt and pepper.  Yields 3-2.25 oz servings.

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