Sunday, January 26, 2014

today's breakfast and lunch...

I did a little something different today for breakfast.  I wanted an egg as usual, but didn't feel like dirtying another frying pan.  So I had a cottage cheese double (strawberry) and low fat string cheese.  14g of protein total!  At first I ate only the cottage cheese, but it's a "slider" food and it didn't really fill me.  A slider food is one that is very soft and tends to slide through your pouch pretty fast.  Think yogurt, very soft scrambled eggs, soup, etc.

For lunch I tried a Gorton's Grilled Haddock fillet.  No pans needed!  Just one fork, foil and a paper plate. Tasted good, but definitely required more chewing.  It was a nice change, though.

Soon I will start posting more exciting foods.  Even though I've been unemployed for a couple months now, I haven't experimented with any GB-friendly recipes yet.  Mainly because of this damn root canal.  I don't feel like having to chew too much and don't want to risk upsetting my temporary filling.  I'll be happy when the permanent cap is on.  I'm dying to break into the cashews that have been waiting for me in the cupboard!

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