Wednesday, July 8, 2015

today's lunch

Remember how I said as a post-op gastric bypass patient it's really important to be prepared?    It's true.  When we're not prepared we end up having to buy lunch from the cold case at work and rather than choosing a salad, we choose what we used to want.  On Monday that was a turkey and brie sandwich on cranberry bread.  By most people's standards that would be a good lunch, but as gastric bypass patients, we really shouldn't be eating that.  Not only because it's loaded with carbs and we should be sticking to protein, but because it can awaken all those old feelings that go along with living to eat.  But Monday that was the choice I made because I didn't put my lunch together the night before like I usually do - I was emotionally and physically drained from having to put my 16-year-old cat down - and I was rushed for time the next morning.  I grabbed a handful of animal crackers on the way out the door and that was my snack for the day.  I didn't beat myself up, though.  It's not like I sat down to a whole pizza.

I had to buy lunch again today, because I was busy last night and didn't get around to packing lunch; I didn't have much in the house anyway.  Today I chose better:  Caprese salad.  For some reason I love Caprese salad all of a sudden.  I used to be a tomato hater, but recently I've begun to appreciate grape and cherry tomatoes.  I'm definitely not ready to eat a big slice of tomato - I think it's the texture - but I can handle the little grape and cherry tomatoes.  It sound weird, but I feel good when I eat tomatoes, like I'm being all healthy and stuff.  It's a good feeling.

So, this was lunch today.  Yummy!  And it's a good lunch for a gastric bypass post-op.  Low in calories (as long as you don't drown it in oil) and satisfying.


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