Tuesday, July 28, 2015

time to relax

We had the family picnic this weekend.  Everyone had a great time:  good food, good company, and only a few minor issues.  We had a perfect day for the picnic.  It was barely 80 degrees, sunny to party cloudy, and no humidity.  Couldn't have asked for a better day.  And now it's all over. Seems like so much work and then it's all over in a few hours.  Actually, it went longer than a few hours, more like 11 hours, but you know what I mean.

Luckily we had all the major cleaning, shopping, and yard work done because of the anniversary party a couple weeks ago.  Because of that it was more relaxing than the last one and I wasn't a zombie the next day.  I was able to do some clothes shopping for an upcoming wedding (Pics this coming weekend! Wait until you see the little black dress I bought!) and sit and watch movies with my favorite cousin.

I had a great visit with the family.  My cousin came up from PA on Thursday and went home yesterday.  The kitties were very happy:  she brought the nip!

Bailey trying to get the cat nip toys.

Bailey after the nip.        

Lou after the nip.

Max after the nip.

Other family came in from NH. Counting a few people too drunk to drive, I had 13 people staying at my house Saturday night. Some of which actually camped in my yard.  But that's why we bought this house - we have plenty of room for everyone. I love it.

Here's a couple pics of my garden.  Looking nice ever since my niece mulched it for me.

And finally, this is how we all felt yesterday after the family left.  

The cats finally came out of hiding in the afternoon.  Some of them, like Leia (above) and Lou, were social and stayed around all weekend.  Actually, Lou was the social butterfly.  He sat at the patio table with everyone.  But most of them ran for the hills.  I have no idea where they were in the house, but they were there somewhere.

So, it was a great weekend.  It was work, but it was worth it.  I'm so happy to now have a house that people actually want to visit.  


  1. I love the photo of Bailey trying to get the toys. It reminds me of my little kitty Happy, who does a similar thing but she adds in a hilarious element of prairie dog. I have tried to capture this in photos but it has not worked out yet. :)

    1. I really think cats know when we're trying to get a cute picture. They then decide to move. Happens almost every time.