Sunday, July 5, 2015

today's breakfast

Today's breakfast was one fried egg and three crostinis.

I got these crostinis at the grocery store.  It's become A Thing for me.  I seem to be hooked on these things. I guess since they're crunchy, I don't think of it as eating bread.  I never even had a crostini until last year.  The house we moved to is very close to a Stew Leonard's store and they have prepackaged crostini. I picked some up to serve with my artichoke dip for a get-together.  They were so good:  crunchy, buttery and garlicky.  I assumed that no other store would sell these, but I was wrong.  The local store has them. Unfortunately, they vary in taste and quality.  Sometimes they're rubbery and have only butter.  Other times they're crunchy and have butter and garlic.  The ones below turned out to be the former so I popped them in the toaster over for 10 minutes to crisp them up.

As you can see, I like a lot of pepper on my eggs, just like my dad.  I recently found a little gadget in the store.  It's a peppercorn cracker.  I've been looking for a fresh pepper grinder, but they're so damn expensive.  But then I found this.  I believe it was $6.99.  It looks like a bunny.  You squeeze the ears and it cracks the pepper onto your food.  And it's got a magnet so you can attach it to either the fridge or the range hood.  I bought it mostly because it looks like a bunny, but it's handy, too.

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