Tuesday, May 31, 2016

harvest snaps snacks

Say that five times, fast!

I recently tried these snacks and I have to say, I'm in love.  It's something different and I can honestly say I'm not eating potato chips.  I try to stay away from crunchy carbs, like chips, pretzels, etc., but once in awhile I want something crunchy that isn't raw veggies.

I can't seem to do anything without one or more of my cats being involved....

When I first saw these--pea snacks, in general--in the store, I remember thinking, "Who would want dried pea pods??  People who like twigs and bark, that's who!"  ("Twigs and bark" was the name given to bran cereal by a friend of mine.) At the time, I didn't know that they're more like a puffy cheese doodle in texture. Anyway, I recently discovered them in the grocery store and decided to buy them. I noticed they also make snacks with red lentils, too, so I bought a bag of those as well; they were two for $3.00.

So, what are Harvest Snaps? They're pea pod-shaped snacks that resemble, in texture, a puffy cheese doodle.  They're made with peas or lentils, which are ground into a flour, and they're baked, not fried.

And what do they taste like?  They taste a bit like peas, but not quite as strong.  I'm not a fan of peas at all, unless they're buried in a pot pie, but I like these snacks. The lentil snacks taste a bit like lentils. The two flavors I tried were really good.  The lentil snack had a nice onion-y flavor and I could taste the thyme.  The pea snacks were really good, too.  They had a Caesar-ish taste, though not as strong as Caesar salad dressing.

Are they healthy?  Not really.  Are they better than potato chips and other kinds of chips?  Probably. There are less calories, about half the fat, and more protein and fiber.  The carbs are about the same. Below is a pic of the nutrition labels.  Peas on the left, lentils on the right.

Would I buy these again?  Yes, as long as the price is right. I thought $1.50 was pretty good. However, it's not something I would buy often because I tend to have a really hard time eating just one portion.  And that goes for any snack, not just these.  Crunchy carbs are a trigger and I try to limit exposure.

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