Friday, May 13, 2016

my first curtain in the new house--it only took two years!

Yes, you read that right.  It took me almost two years to choose my first set of curtains for the new house.  There are several reasons for that:

  1. The house was built in 1735, so I wanted to find something that didn't scream 2016; I really obsessed over this!
  2. I didn't know what color to choose.
  3. I didn't know what style to choose.
  4. I really didn't want to cover this particular window--it looks out over the backyard and the barn; however, someone is building a house behind us and I want a little privacy.
  5. Curtains can be expensive and I'm not willing to spend $200.00 on them, because I have multiple cats who will inevitable ruin them.
  6. I obsessed over the right hardware from which to hang them.
  7. I suck at matching colors and choosing decor.
This is what I ended up with for the den.  I started with this room, because it has only one window to cover.  Plus, as I mentioned, someone is building a house behind us and it's time to install curtains in this room.

I chose a white sheer with a dark blue satiny curtain.  The hardware is antique brass color.  Although I love how the curtain setup looks, it's a very dark-wooded room and I'm thinking I might move these curtains to the upstairs hallway.  The wallpaper is beige with little light blue and white flowers, so I might go with a medium or light blue curtain just to brighten it up in here.  This color kind of gets lost in this room.

I lightened up the picture a bit so you can see the detail.

This is close to the real color.

Onto the next room...only 19 more windows to go!!

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