Sunday, May 15, 2016

why is vacation scary?


My poppies are blooming!

I'm at the tail end of my vacation from work. Vacation was scary for me this time around.  Normally I live for vacation from work.  I typically plan out my weeks as soon as possible, regardless of whether I'm going somewhere or not.  Months in advance, I'm thinking about what I want to do while on vacation.  When I was a kid waiting for summer vacation to come along, I always envisioned the weeks and months stretched out ahead of me, so full of promise.  I'm the same way when planning vacation from work.  And as soon as I return to work, I'm thinking about the next vacation.  I was looking forward to it this time around, but not as much as usual.

Saw this little guy in my tree yesterday.  
Apparently there are several squirrels living in my tree.

I had no plans on going anywhere, which meant I'd be home by myself all week until Bob gets home from work. Which also meant I'd have to keep busy, as I typically eat out of boredom, and because I'd be home alone with full cabinets, fridge and freezers. (This is historically a Bad Thing for me.)  There were several days I would be pretty busy due to doctor appointments, my training sessions, a visit from my sister, and other things going on. But that left me with several days where I'd be "on my own," so to speak.  Meaning, nothing to occupy me and I'd have to deal with it as best I can.

I made this breakfast twice.  I toasted the heel of the bread loaf, 
put some goat cheese on it, then topped with a fried egg and some leftover 
pesto I found in the fridge. 

It went...OK.  I would say that Monday and Thursday were my best days.  Monday I was busy with...I don't remember what. LOL.  Thursday I was busy cleaning my house.  Tuesday was tough because I had nothing planned, so I sat around watching TV and wanting to eat.  Wednesday I had several things in the morning, but I found myself wanting to buy food; I was in a department store that sells specialty food items, which is like a giant magnet for me.  Friday wasn't bad, because my sister came down to visit and I was busy during the day.  Yesterday was tough.  Although I went to Ikea for several hours (at least I got in some walking!), I spent most of the night watching TV and wanting to eat, which I did.  One issue this weekend was the extra piece of cheesecake I bought for my husband on his birthday.  He ate one slice, but the other one was still in the fridge.  And it was covered with cannoli cream and crumbled cannoli shells. And it was NY style, which is my favorite. Basically, I took two or three bites of it several times a day and it's now gone. (Sorry, dear!)  

Here's a breakfast pizza. It's a Fiber One tortilla topped with goat cheese, 
pesto sauce, and an egg.  I cracked the egg on top and then baked the whole thing 
for about 12 minutes on 400 degrees.

I wish I could say I tackled the weeding in the garden, or that I did some other project I've been meaning to get to.  But no.  One would think that having a week off would motivate me to do those things, but really it just makes me want to relax and do nothing. But that's really what vacation is for, right? I did make the kale chips I planned on making, though!

Cat TV.  These guys loved watching the bird feeder.  
Tiffany is on the left, Bailey in the middle and Max on the right.

I'm looking forward to going back to work just so I'll have some structure again.  Vacation wasn't quite as scary as I thought it would be, but was still a bit scary.  The next one isn't until October, so I have a bit of time to work on it.


  1. Breakfast pizza sounds awesome. :)

    1. It is! And I'm loving it with the pesto sauce.