Sunday, May 8, 2016

happy mother's day!

I'm not mom to any humans, but I'm mom to my kitties.  I was hoping they would make me breakfast in bed, or maybe clean their own litter boxes, but that didn't happen.  Because cats.  I'm just happy they didn't leave any "gifts" in the house for me to step in.  That's about all a cat mom can hope for really.

I made my own breakfast:  a one-egg omelet with herbed goat cheese and a veggie sausage patty (doesn't it look pretty?!).  I had Lipton tea, too.  (BEFORE breakfast, not with it!) I usually don't drink tea at home, but I figured I'd treat myself today.  Plus, it helps me get more water in. (For work I buy flavored teas, such as cocoa coconut, chocolate peppermint, and vanilla almond.  It really helps when I'm feeling the head hunger at work.) Bob got a three-egg Swiss cheese omelet, sausage patties and hash brown patties.

I did some laundry and then we took a trip to Cabela's.  I was looking for a travel alarm clock, since my one from LL Bean finally died, but I didn't find anything.  I did, however, buy a thin fleece jacket, which was less than half price. Then we stopped at Stew Leonard's for eggs.  They sell an 18-pack of extra large eggs for $1.99, which is super cheap; I bought four packs!  I'll use them for hard-boiled eggs, egg muffins and Bob's breakfast.

The sun has FINALLY come out, so I'm headed outside in a bit to do my exercise routine.  So glad I don't have to do it in the rain!  And seeing the sun after a week straight of rain is motivating me to get moving.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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