Saturday, August 22, 2015

my new pepper grinder

Isn't it pretty?  It's my new pepper mill.

It's not the best picture. but you can see the grinder settings above the black band at the top.

I've been wanting a pepper grinder for a long time, but I haven't bought one because they're ridiculously expensive and I have no idea why.  When I lived at home, my parents had an old pepper mill (and they still have it!) made out of wood.  I always loved using it for some reason.  I think I liked to be copy my dad; he loves pepper.  Plus, it's just a cool thing to use.

Awhile back I bought the little bunny-shaped one that sticks on the side of the range hood, and it works just fine.  And it's a bunny.  C'mon.  I posted about wanting a better one, but didn't have the money to spend at the time, nor did I want to spend $30.00+ on a non-essential item. 

My cousin recently visited and what did she bring me?  A new pepper mill!  I like the little bunny, but this one is better.  It's from OXO Good Grips.  It grinds nice and smooth, and you actually get a decent amount of pepper out of it.  It's like a peppery snowfall coming down on my food.  It has five settings:  I can grind it really course for more peppery bite, or I can grind it really fine, or somewhere in between. I also like that it's not flimsy or too bulky. What I also like is that the grinder is on top so when you put it down it's upright and doesn't leave pepper all over the counter.

A big thanks to my favorite cousin!!

(When I post something on my blog that I want, it has a habit of showing up when she visits. I wonder what I should post about next?  Hmmm....maybe kittens.)


  1. Over here we buy the pepper *in* the grinder at the supermarket. I also have one for Himalayan pink salt, and you can get one that grinds both together - I prefer separate myself. :) BTW thank you for posting about tiny kittens - we are both totally addicted in this household. :)

    1. So addictive, isn't it?? I love Tiny Kittens!