Sunday, August 9, 2015

birdie rescue

I went grocery shopping earlier today and when I got home I noticed a bird stuck in the bird feeder. Luckily the feeder is in line with my car window. Otherwise I wouldn't have seen him.

I tried to pull him out, but he was stuck in one of the wire openings with his wing hung around the wire opening next to it. I grabbed a screw driver from the garage thinking I could pry the staples off the wire enclosure and pull it off the feeder, but that didn't work; the screwdriver head was too big. I then grabbed needle nose pliers with wire cutters on the head. I clipped the wires and then bent them apart. It took a couple tries, but the bird was able to get free and fly away.

I'm so glad he wasn't hurt. He was very calm, too, and didn't screech or try to peck me.

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