Tuesday, May 5, 2015

today's breakfast and lunch

I've been trying really hard lately to get back on track and count all my calories.  As part of that, I'm trying to find snacks that are low in calories, but satisfy my urge to snack.  I've decided that celery and hummus is my go-to just about every day.  I've also started eating strawberries.  They seem to be lower in sugar than other fruits, which means I can eat more of them without the sugar bothering me.  Within reason, of course.

Today's breakfast is Dannon Light & Fit Greek Cherry Yogurt.  I've decided to skip the peanuts I usually add; they're so high in calories.

Lunch is 3 ounces of low sodium turkey (4 slices) rolled with 1 ounce of Swiss cheese (2 slices, cut in half).  I've got some spicy brown mustard for dipping.  I used to put my nose up to mustard, but I've learned to appreciate it.  It packs a lot of flavor in a very small amount.

Snacks are celery and hummus, and a few strawberries.

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