Sunday, May 10, 2015

calling all gardeners!

I'm looking for a good reference for first-time gardeners.  I wouldn't say I'm ready to go gung-ho, but so far I've kept up with the plants I've planted and I'm actually paying attention to them; I think I'm ready to start learning.

Anyone have any suggestions?  Books? Magazines?  Websites?

Also, can anyone tell me what this is?  Is it wild onion?  Wild garlic?  Flowering alliums?  When I pull them up or break off a stalk they smell like onions, but the internet is telling me wild garlic.  They're in the flower garden and I'm not sure if I should be cursing them or thanking nature for them.  Or eating them.

In the ground.  They're the tall ones in the center of the picture.

After being pulled.

Close-up of the bulb.

Close-up of the stalk.


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    1. I thought so too, but it actually turned out to be wild garlic. I pulled up a larger stalk and the bulb was divided into little cloves and had the papery skin. Who knew?!