Wednesday, February 22, 2017

tummy tuck countdown: five days to go

The countdown is on!  Only five more days until I get the abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) done.  It seemed so far away only months ago; however, I now wonder where all that time went.

My plan is to document, as best I can, the process. Yes, I will post my "before" and "after" photos. Some of these will not be pretty, but if it helps someone else who is thinking about doing this, then that's great. 

Today I started washing the area to be operated on with Hibiclens, a pink antimicrobial soap that smells like a hospital. I read the bottle and it has some scary warnings on there, such as to make sure not to get it in the ear if you have a perforated eardrum because you can do deaf. Also, don't use it on the genitals. I hadn't planned to do either one of these, so no problem there. Oh, and it also said it could cause chemical burns, which gave me pause for a minute. But I have to use it. And I'm sure the doctor wouldn't tell me to use something if it wasn't important. The purpose is to kill anything that could be lurking on my skin, such as MRSA, so as to prevent infections. I have to use it for five days.

Because of the whole chemical burn thing, I couldn't decide whether I should use my hands, a washcloth or a puff. Since the puff was upstairs, I nixed that idea. I then wondered if it would stain the washcloth, so I nixed that, too, and settled on using my hands. Since I was supposed to use a very small amount, I figured I'd take my chances for a chemical burn on my hands. I was fine. No burning or stinging or anything. It didn't lather, which seemed really weird, but I assume it's still doing it's job. It also smells very antiseptic-like.

The next post will likely be Sunday and will be my "before" pictures, which I'm sure will be lovely. UGH.  No laughing!

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