Tuesday, February 7, 2017

today's breakfast

I'm happy to say I'm 100% on track with eating AND exercise this week. I'm sticking with 1,200 calories per day, and that's not a lot of food. Even for someone that's had weight loss surgery. In order to feel like I have more food, I've cut out my delicious beloved homemade iced mocha latte I was drinking each morning. For now I' going to allow myself to have it once or twice per week. But once I'm done with surgery and it's time to maintain my weight, I plan to go back to them. At that point I'll be allowed about 2,000 calories and can afford it calorie-wise.

So, anyway, here's today's breakfast which is 195 calories (the same as my latte!).  It's half of a Fiber One 12 Grain Sandwich Thin--toasted--with an ounce of herbed goat cheese and a hard-boiled egg. Very yummy and something different; I'm usually eating a Greek yogurt with dry roasted peanuts mixed in, or a couple hard-boiled eggs.

Note:  This picture was taken and then uploaded with my phone, so it's dark and also upside down. :)


  1. I wonder if you can make that iced mocha latte a little less calorific by using almond milk or another kind of milk?

    250mls of my almond milk which I use in my daily protein smoothie = 50 calories VS 171 calories in 250mls of my full fat milk which I use for coffees.

    The almond milk we get here is just beautiful, no weird additives. But I know someone who makes their own from scratch which might be worth a try for me, at some point. ;)

    1. I've tried almond milk and also cashew milk, but it just doesn't taste the same. I like those milks, but not for a latte.

      I'd love to know how to make almond milk. From scratch sounds delicious!