Thursday, March 17, 2016

time to get fit!

I have to admit, weight loss surgery has made me even less inclined to exercise.  Mainly because the pounds just fly off in the first six months.  The post-ops who go on about how they love exercise, love the gym, the gym is their life, etc., just totally baffle me. Don't get me wrong--I understand they've found a new habit and that helps them stay on track.  But I just get the whole love of exercise.  Do I have a lot more energy since losing weight?  Yes.  Does it make me want to get off my ass and go to the gym?  No.  I'm much more inclined to go run errands or do stuff around the house or yard.  I've exercised off and on since surgery, but haven't put any real effort into it. But that's about to change.
A couple weeks ago I finally made the decision to go to a personal trainer. Why?  Three reasons:  1) I need the push; 2) I need to learn what I should be doing and how I should be doing it so that I get maximum benefit and I don't hurt myself; 3) I eventually want to have the excess skin removed around my abdomen, and in order to have a successful surgery and easier recovery, I need to have a very strong core.
Now, before someone says, "Just exercise and the skin will go away!", no it won't.  The surgeon told me that, the dietitian told me that, the trainer told me that, and I know it from researching and talking to other WLS patients.  So please don't even go there. (I get highly annoyed when people say crap like that. I shouldn't because they're not in my shoes and don't know better, but still.) I've had a whole lifetime of weight gain and loss and back again.  My skin is worn out and no amount of exercise will make it snap back.  Imagine an old pair of elastic-waist pants.  You stretch the waist and it doesn't snap back.  Same thing with my skin. Anyway...
I chose a place close to my house.  I went to see it last week.  The owner, Ryan, opened the place last April.  I like the place:  it's very clean, it has two private training studios (it's not a gym), and there's a nice variety of equipment.  I'm sad there's not an elliptical machine, but I can go to the gym for that. I'm a little nervous that there are no weight machines, as that is what I've used any time I've gone to the gym.  I've never used the barbells or free weights. He mentioned a pull-up bar and all I could think about was elementary school; I could never do even one pull-up.  I thought it would be a quick look around, but I was there for almost two hours!  We talked about my diet, my past weight loss efforts, physical ability, etc.  Ryan didn't try to sell me anything, and actually said that I don't need to come three to four times a week.  He feels two days is best, because it can get very expensive very quickly.  He said as long as I supplement with at least two other days of exercise, two days with them is enough:  I'll learn what I need to learn in order to move on, I won't get overworked, and it won't be super expensive.   He said the only way I should do more training sessions is if I'm completely unmotivated to exercise by myself.  He also explained that he has several trainers and he wants to make sure it's a match on both ends, so I shouldn't feel bad if I want to switch for someone else.
When I emailed Ryan initially asking for pricing information, I totally expected him to tell me I have to come in and we'll talk about.  Nope.  He actually gave me the information.  That impressed me and gave me the sense that he's not going to give me a hard sell.  And he didn't.  Didn't try to sell me supplements or anything like that either.  Best part was that a Groupon came up in my email that same night. Plus, Groupon gave me a promo code for $30.00 off. So I get 5 training sessions for $70.00 total.  Then after that I'll start paying the regular rate. I won't be able to continue past three months due to cost, but this should give me the solid foundation I need.
Ryan paired me with another trainer, since he's not available at the same time I am.  The trainer trains the state police cadets every morning, which is a little intimidating.  But I had a nice long conversation with him on the phone and he explained he's not one to work his clients so hard they puke or can't move at all the next day.  He said he doesn't do that, because then no one would want to come back and they would probably give up.
I had my first appointment last night, which I'll post about this weekend.

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  1. I am super thrilled to read this. :) Will love to hear more about the first appointment! ;)