Tuesday, March 15, 2016

power crunch protein energy bar: dark chocolate

I found something new at the Vitamin Shoppe:  Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar.  It's 1.5 ounces and it looks just like a chocolate candy bar, which is why I bought it...

When I broke the bar in half, I thought there were almonds in it; however, I read the wrapper and it turns out they're Proto Whey Crisps.  Basically, crisp rice-like crunchies made out of whey protein isolate.  It made it a little more interesting to eat.

It tastes very close to a dark chocolate candy bar and it's quite big. Sure, it doesn't taste exactly like a real chocolate bar, but it's very close for someone whose had weight loss surgery and really doesn't eat this stuff anymore. And the crispies inside don't really have a taste.  They just lend some texture to the bar.

Here's the nutritional stats:

These were pricey at $2.59 each, but they're worth it for a once-in-awhile treat. This is something I'd tuck into my purse when going to the movies.  I'd rather pay $2.59 and get some protein out of it, than pay $4.00 for a small bag of M&Ms.

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