Wednesday, March 9, 2016

my "me" weekend

This past weekend was all about me.  Mostly.  After visiting the dietitian last week I went shopping to get some items that I need to keep me on track as I try to refocus and lose the last of the weight.  I stocked the freezer, even pulling out the big guns:  the Food Saver.  Bob and I went through the freezer and rearranged it, as it was just a big jumbled mess. We also moved the older stuff to the regular freezer and the newer stuff to the deep freezer.  I found a few things I forgot were in there, so those got defrosted and cooked, and were then put in the Food Saver and frozen for quick meals later on.

So, here's all the stuff I've bought over the last few weeks.  I included my vitamins and calcium.  I actually bought three months' worth, but I only included one month in the picture.  I bought lots of protein bars, some sugar-free syrups for shakes and slushies, shake mix, wheat berries and Bulgar wheat (no idea why I got that, I must have seen a recipe somewhere), and a new lunch box and additional containers.  As you can see, these items are Tiffany-approved.

Bob and I had to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond because the Keurig died.  I ended up buying a steamer insert for my pot.  It was on sale and then I had a 20% off coupon, so I was a happy camper.  I decided to buy the steamer so I can make fish fillets.  I've used the Ziploc steamer bags, but it seems like such a waste...and an expense I don't need.

I did lots of cooking this weekend in preparation for the upcoming weeks.  Lately I've been buying a lot of discounted meat.  I get to the grocery store around 8 am on the weekend, as that's when they mark down meat that has a "Use By" date within the next two to three days.  I started doing this last year when we went through hell, and a lot of expense, evicting our former tenants.  Plus, the price of beef was outrageous.  When going through the freezer this weekend I realized I have a bit too much meat, so I took out some split chicken breasts.  I removed the skin and bones, which I then used to make chicken stock (back of the stove).  I grilled the breast meat with Borsari seasoned salt.  One chicken breast had a homemade seasoned salt I made from sea salt and the Tawa Fry Masala spice blend I bought at the Indian grocery last week.  I also made a big batch of hard boiled eggs; a bunch of sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches for Bob; and cut up a bunch of celery and cheese for snacks. I also made a batch of barbecued chicken legs for my friend.

It was a very productive weekend, and I was spent on Sunday night.  But now I have two organized freezers, a lot vacuum-packed meat, a bunch of food all ready to go for the week and beyond, and I'm focused again.


  1. I made BBQ chicken legs this weekend too! We found a package at Save-A-Lot for 49 cents per lb!! Then entire package of 10 legs was under $2! They were delicious :-) I also made T-bone steaks for my Bob and marinated salmon fillets for my lunches/dinners this week. I've hit another plateau in my weight loss so trying to re-double the efforts on the diet front. I hate how i go to the gym 5 days a week and see no results because my calories can creep up on me... seems so unfair... Anyway, hope the personal training works out for you this week!

    1. Mmmmm, the salmon fillets sound delicious! Yes, it's annoying and disappointing when you work so hard and see nothing happen on the scale. That's when it's time to change things up a bit. Maybe it will shock your system into doing something. When I talked to the trainer last week, he said they recommend calorie spikes every few days. He said after a few days the body gets used to having whatever number of calories you're eating. He recommends every third day or so to have a couple hundred extra calories to "keep in interesting" for the body. And he said clean calories, not calories from chips and things like that.