Wednesday, March 23, 2016

oh, my sore muscles!

Well, they're not that sore.  Not yet anyway. But it's only the first day after my first training session. I'll probably feel it even more tomorrow.

Last night was my first formal personal training session, and I can't believe how quickly it went by!  45 minutes was over before I knew it.  Mark, the trainer, said 45 minutes is a long time, but it didn't feel like it.  However, he gave me a lot of rest breaks.  He said the purpose of the first few sessions is to acclimate my body to exercise.  Not that I've never done exercise, but I've never really done anything outside of jumping on the treadmill or elliptical for a 30 to 45 minutes, and some weight machines. He said it takes some time to build up the muscles and get the body used to doing different things.

The routine started off with three sets of jogging in place, jumping jacks and mountain climbers.  I had to go slow with the mountain climbers.  I've never done them before, so my hands kept slipping and my feet kept getting caught.  (Note to self:  remember to use the bathroom before training, even though I don't feel like I have to go and even though I went recently. Kind of like when kids say they don't have to go--yes they do and they just don't know it. Jumping jacks made me realize that!)  Next it was body squats, lunges, and then squats with a 12-pound medicine ball, which I had to raise over my head and then slam it down.  Each of those was three sets of ten. Then it was a few arm exercises.  Finally, he showed me some stretches for my back, since I have back issues, like muscle spasms and mild scoliosis.

As I was leaving, Mark told me to make sure I hold onto the railing while walking down the stairs, because legs will "feel funny."  He wasn't kidding!  Even with holding on to the railing, I still nearly fell down the five stairs!  And walking up and down the stairs at home last night was really tough. 
Walking the stairs is still tough today, although not as bad. My upper arms are sore, and my leg muscles just feel worn out. 

I like the trainer's style and the fact that he explains everything and repeats himself in order to cement it in my mind.  I also like that he's into the same music as I am. He's into AC/DC, so he's OK in my book. :)  During our session he played some Bon Jovi, Queen, and some 70s stuff.  No top 40 music for us!  He said he hates the "thump, thump, thump" music.

I'm excited for the next session, which is Friday. And I'll make sure to hit the bathroom right before I leave. (Speaking of which, it's becoming harder and harder to sit down and get up from the toilet as of the time I'm scheduling this post.  I'm making a point to use the upstairs bathroom so I have something hold on to. LOL)

Let's call this my "before" picture.  I probably should have worn something a little more form-fitting, but taking the picture was a spur of the moment thing.


  1. I have a couple of pairs of shorts like that, they make me feel like superwoman, lol. ;)

    Glad it is going well for you!

    I just got limited to 30 mins max exercise a day last week, seems my body is still recovering and my daily 45 minute walk/runs were causing a little havoc internally. I'm hoping to get cleared for more tomorrow.. but I'm not sure, my doctor looked at me like I was loopy when I told her how much I was doing.. But I'm down 10kg (22 pounds) since January and I do not want to lose my momentum! :)

    1. Yes, I do like my capris for working out. I can't fathom wearing loose-fitting bottoms. I'd be afraid of tripping or something.

      Be careful and take it easy. You'll get back to normal in good time. And congrats on the weight loss. You're doing great!

  2. Wow you are amazing. So proud of you!!!!