Friday, June 12, 2015

life in the "country": nature bites back

I don't really feel like I live in the "country," but I'd say it's semi-rural. My husband is from an inner city environment, so he thinks we live "in the sticks."  Anyway, what follows is something I don't think would have happened at my old house, which was somewhat city-like. 

So, this morning I got bit by a chipmunk.  Yes, a cute little chipmunk.

I left for work this morning and Lou, one of my cats, came trotting up the lawn with something in his mouth.  I figured it was another mouse...or another rat - he's been bringing those home as a trophy for me to find either near the back door or out in the lawn.  (Don't worry, he doesn't eat them!) But as he got closer I realized it was a chipmunk.  Poor thing was hanging upside down from his mouth.

I grabbed my gardening gloves, the ones with the heavy rubber fingers, and made Lou drop the little guy.  He did, although he wasn't happy about it.  After a few seconds the little guy got up and started doing somersaults, which was really weird.  I figured maybe he was hurt or confused so I picked him up.  Then the little bugger bit my finger and held on!  Chipmunks may be tiny, but they bite hard!  Luckily I had those gloves on.  Otherwise I might be getting rabies shots right now. He let go, but he was still running in circles.  I grabbed Lou so he wouldn't go after him again, but he started howling and squirming and scratched my leg; he's a bit of a grump.  So I let him go.  I didn't want Lou to grab the chipmunk again so I was trying to see if I could grab it by the tail and put him on the tree trunk.  Nope.  Kept squirming and trying to bite.  I finally found a stick.  I let him grab on and then I put him on the tree trunk.  He ran up it as fast as he could!

So, I saved a cute little furry creature, but apparently it wasn't appreciated.  Oh well.  That's nature for ya.

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