Tuesday, November 11, 2014

the week in review

Last week/this week isn't much better than the last time I reported, although things seems to be looking up.  A little bit.

As you know, we had to say goodbye to Riley this past weekend.  We're very sad, but we're starting to feel better.  It's a relief that we can go to work and not have to worry what's happening to him while we're gone.  We've been so worried that we'll come home to blood everywhere and find him dead on the floor.  The not knowing and the uncertainty was awful.  At least he died in the animal hospital, where they were able to do everything they could to save him.  Riley is buried out by the little pond in the backyard.  I plan on buying some sort of grave marker for him.

The water pump decided to go on my car.  I was having some whacky issues with the heater and now I know why.  Bob will replace that for me tomorrow.

My dad and I celebrated our birthdays together as usual.  We always do that.  I was born on November 6 and he was born November 10.  I'm 40 and he's 80.  Spending time with the family this weekend was really the only high point of my 40th birthday since I had to cancel my birthday dinner.  Riley had to be brought to the emergency vet that night.

So, did anything great happen this week?  Why, yes.  Yes it did...I got a new job!! Finally!  It's been a very long nine months at my current job and I'm so happy I'm leaving.  It just wasn't the right fit for me.  It's an awful thing to not like your job and know that you made the wrong choice.  Soul-crushing, as a matter of fact.  I give notice tomorrow.  I'll be happy to be back managing a department again.  And what's nice is that the commute is half of what it is now.

Hopefully this is the end of the storm that has been pouring on me for the last four months.

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