Sunday, October 5, 2014

garlic chicken rigatoni

I recently subscribed to Taste of Home magazine.  All of the recipes in it are submitted by home cooks, which means they're usually pretty easy and don't require a lot of fancy ingedients.

I tried Garlic Chicken Rigatoni for dinner the other night.  The only ingredient I would consider "fancy" is the sun-dried tomatoes.  It's not something I keep on hand, but they're easy enough to buy and aren't expensive.  I got a big package at Stew Leonard's for $2.99 and I have plenty left over for another recipe.  The fresh parsley, too, is something I don't keep on hand, but it's cheap.  I think I paid 79 cents for a bunch.  Fresh garlic isn't something I normally have, but there's a farm stand four houses down from us and I bought three heads last weekend.

The only changes I made to recipe were to omit the mushrooms (Bob is a mushroom-hater) and I used all chicken broth instead of part broth and part white wine.  I didn't have any wine in the house and wasn't going to buy bottle only to use half a cup.

We enjoyed this, although we're used to having some kind of sauce on our pasta; this had none.  I'm guessing you could probably make a sauce by increasing the broth and wine, but it wouldn't be thick.

For anyone saying, "Wait, you're not supposed to be eating pasta!!", relax.  Notice there's only three pieces of pasta on the plate.  I concentrated on the chicken.

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