Wednesday, April 5, 2017

tummy tuck recovery progress

No pictures to post today, as my incision is a bit gross looking. 

The incision is healing very well overall; however, a small portion of it--maybe four inches or so, in the front above the pubic area--has separated. It's a shallow separation, as the internal stitches have held very well, but it's annoying nonetheless. It started the week my father died, probably because of the swelling after the long car ride to and from New Hampshire, as well as the added physical activity. I went to the doctor before my next trip up north, just to make sure it wasn't a serious problem to have and to make sure it wasn't infected. It wasn't infected and she said it does happen from time to time since that particular area is a high-tension area after surgery. She cleaned it up since it was still very scabby and there were lots of dead white blood cells surfacing (looks like pus, but it's not runny). It experience. Thankfully I was still numb in that area, because she scrubbed it with peroxide and gauze like it was her kitchen floor! She then told me to make sure I clean it like this a few times a week, and I could even use a loofah sponge if I want to (Hell no!). She also told me to cover it with gauze, and that, yes, it will stick, but when I pull it off it will take some debris with it. How wonderful!

Anyway, I've been cleaning it, but I'm not scrubbing it like I'm stripping varnish. (Sorry, but I just can't bring myself to do that to myself. I admit I'm a chicken.) I keep it covered and change the gauze a couple times a day. Any scabs that form I pull off. Since I'm still numb there it doesn't bother me. Well, not really. It's starting to heal up, but it's very, very slow. Basically, one little area right in the middle of the opening has finally come together, so now it looks like two separate openings. I know it will eventually heal, but it's really annoying to see.

The rest of the incision looks good; however, each end (at either hip) is bothering me. That's where the internal stitches were tied off on the outside and there's a lump of skin at either end that rubs against everything: my clothes, my garment, my bed when I sleep. The tied-off ends of the thread have fallen off finally, but I have a scab on each side, which I think is adding to the discomfort.

As for the rest of me, I feel decent. I tighten up when I sit too long, so I try to get up often. It still hurts when I sneeze, although it's not bad. It feels more like movement with stiff muscles. I've started wearing my compression garment only during the day at work. I take it off when I come home and don't wear it to bed. It seems like I feel better in the morning when I've slept without it. But it's only been two nights, so I haven't had extensive experience with this yet. I find that the surface of my skin in the ab and hip areas get sore when I take the garment off, which makes me feel worse for awhile. Not sure why that is. I still get some itching around the ends of the incision, but it's not as intense or frequent as it was. Pants are still a problem. I can wear leggings and workout capris that have a softer elastic waistband, but definitely can't wear my skinny leggings that have a regular waistband, nor can I wear jeans yet. Even the things I can wear bother me a bit. I find my hips tend to feel bruised when I wear pants, and the waistband sometimes feels tight. Eventually I'll get back into jeans and regular pants.

I haven't gone back to working out yet. I was cleared a couple weeks ago to do so, but I'm waiting until the incision is closed. I don't want to chance it taking even longer to heal, or separating even more. 

I've a little over five weeks out from surgery and I'm feeling pretty good, but definitely not back to normal 100%. I definitely feel annoyed that there are still things that bother me physically, that I'm slower than normal, and still have to remind myself to straighten up. I know it will get better, eventually, and this whole thing will be in the rearview mirror soon, but I just wish it would hurry up. 

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  1. I wish it would hurry up for you, too! ;) Yay for feeling pretty good, though! ;)