Sunday, April 2, 2017

ON Protein Cake Bites

I saw these in the store and decided to try them. I'm always up for trying new protein bars and snacks; however, I find I need to be very careful with them, as I tend to treat them like candy bars and not the meal replacements/supplements they should be.

I don't normally like the birthday cake flavor of protein bars, but thought I'd give these a try. The idea of three "cakes" I could spread out over the day was an intriguing thought. Plus, this was the only flavor the store had.

Three cake bites (the whole package is one serving) contains 240 calories, 7g fat, 20g protein, 25g carbs, and 5g sugar (includes 3g sugar alcohol). The protein is a blend of milk protein concentrate and isolate, and whey protein isolate. My only complaint about these is that they don't have any fiber.

I really liked these. They didn't have any of the weird aftertaste I've gotten with other birthday cake flavored protein bars. (Oh Yeah! brand comes to mind.) I wouldn't say these are light and airy like the package implies. It doesn't say light and airy, but typically something that has a whipped texture tends to be lighter. They seem to be about the same texture as most protein bars. I thought the portion size was generous, but maybe it's because the idea of three separate cakes is tricking my mind.

When I tried these I wasn't hungry. So was I a good girl? Did I spread the three bites out over the course of the day? Hell no. I was delusional to think I could do that, which is why, if I decide to have them, I'll eat them when I'm actually hungry. Since I wasn't hungry, I felt like a stuffed pig afterwards (flashback to old, bad eating habits pre-surgery...).

I've since seen these in another store and they also had Chocolate Dipped Cherry and Red Velvet Cake. I bought the cherry, but not the Red Velvet. The cherry ones were covered in a chocolatey coating. They were delicious and if I buy them again, this is the one I'd buy. It really tasted like chocolate cherries, although they were a tad on the sweeter side. Not overly so, though. Nutritional content is the same as the birthday cake flavor.

Overall, I would say that these probably aren't great for a new post-op since it's not pure whey protein isolate and are kind of high in carbs, but I think they're find for someone further out like me. Just my opinion! I plan to not buy these too often since I am very likely to use these like candy and not as a meal replacement like I should.

You can find them in GNC and online here:  Optimum Nutrition. Vitamin Shoppe may have them, but I haven't checked. I probably shouldn't anyway...

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