Sunday, April 9, 2017

lazy sunday

Marty and Max. Seems the orange kitties stick together.

This is what the kitties are doing today. Just being lazy and enjoying the sun. I'm surfing the internet, listening to the Golden Girls on TV (it's on the in other room, and Leia and Louise are currently enjoying it), and getting ready to make a new recipe I found online.  I'll post after I make it.  I did some grocery shopping this morning--I feel like I spend my life doing that!

Tiffany stole my seat. She moved on to the window, though, when I gently kicked her out.

And here they are, all lined up. Bailey, Marty, Max and Tiffany. I can never get them to all look at the camera at the same time. I wish I had this life!


  1. Aww, they are so cute! I wish our two would snuggle together. I have to settle for them both sleeping on our bed without one being chased away by the other one.

    It is rare but with the colder weather appearing now, the past 2 nights we have been graced by both of them and they are actually tolerating each other reasonably well this year. :)

    I'm down to one grocery shopping trip a fortnight, made after 6pm on the weekends when everyone else is doing other things. The bigger fridge has helped a lot - I can buy milk for two weeks now without having to worry about where I will put it, and the next time I go to Costco I will probably buy 4 of their large cheeses which keeps extremely well, that will mean I don't have to buy cheese for 3 months at least, maybe 4.

    We buy all our meat in bulk once every 2-3 months then foodsave and freeze it except for beef mince which I buy fresh each fortnight. I just did a big pantry clean out this weekend too.

    I've also taken to buying potatoes - mostly for the other half these days, I get sweet potatoes for me - in bulk because we get such a great price on them. I keep them in the fridge now which extends their life significantly BUT it makes my hands super cold when I have to peel them. I try to remember to put them out an hour before I mean to do peel. ;)

    I am going to do a blog post on all that stuff soon, maybe next Monday, with photos. :)

    1. Hmmm...I've never thought about keeping potatoes in the fridge. I'll have to try that, as I very often don't use them up before they sprout big eyes and soften up. Thanks!

  2. My 2 cats sleep together all the time