Tuesday, December 27, 2016

a woman with a plan

It's official:  plastic surgery is two months from today! (And my pre-op appointment is January 4!)

As I've mentioned before, I'm really struggling with getting my diet on track and finding the motivation to stick with my exercise routine. I'm still working with the trainer, but I'm struggling on the days I don't see him. My diet...I don't even want to go there. But I did a lot of thinking the last few days and I made a plan of attack.

I'm going back on the bariatric meal replacement shakes. I'm thinking two a day and then one real meal. Don't worry--I'll have all the nutrition I need.  These shakes are designed to be high quality meal replacements. I feel this will take a lot of focus off food, which is what I need right now. I won't have to prep it, think about it, plan it much, or obsess over it. It should also help me flush the cravings from my system. I think one of the pitfalls for WLS patients is that we tend to replace bread and pasta with crackers or other crunchy carbs. That's what makes us crave other things we shouldn't be eating, like cookies, candy, etc.

I'm going to drink more water. I haven't been doing well with that lately and I need to improve. Perhaps I'd feel better if I was drinking more water. I'm sure I wouldn't be snacking as much!

I'm going to cook more. I'll be posting later in the week about that, but the plan is to cook more; I haven't been doing much of that lately and I need to get back to it.

And, finally, I'm going to give it my all with my workouts. I have to stop whining and babying myself. I usually use the excuse of work making me mentally drained, or my back is hurting from sitting at my desk all day so I'm going to take it easy. I mean, yeah, I don't want to make my back worse, but I do need to do the work still. I'll just lighten the weights that day.

I've gotten myself into such a rut that I find I don't desire meals at all. All I want to do is continuously snack or drink my homemade mocha lattes. Sure, my lattes have a lot of protein and are fairly low in sugar, and I only have one a day, but I should be drinking water instead.

I'm hoping that by doing all the things I listed above I will lose the last 15 pounds I want to lose before surgery. It's not necessary, but I really want to get under 200 pounds. I'm 214 right now, so 199 is the goal.

I can do this!!


  1. You can do this! :) I just got off the treadmill from todays workout. Most days I don't wanna but I do. Because I have a colonoscopy scheduled for February myself and I want to be in peak fitness for it.

    If you want to keep yourself accountable we do have that challenge going on the group. :) I find that posting my treadmill screen there makes me have to do it even when I don't wanna. Now I just gotta get back into the food logging.

    FWIW the protein shakes have saved me bigtime over the past year. :)

    1. Yes, I'm trying to get back to the food logging and it's hard! Actually, it wouldn't be so hard if I stuck to things that are easily logged....

  2. Good luck over the next 2 months! Lord knows, I know it is hard... The past three months I have gotten derailed with diet and the past month have been slacking at the gym. I put back on 9 lbs of the 50 I lost... I am so mad at myself. But, 2017 is a new year! I plan on dropping another 50 lbs in 2017 (well, 59 total, since I have to lose this extra 9 again...). That should put me pretty close to where you are now. I would be thrilled with that!

    One thing I noticed when you post your work-out schedule is that it seems to be a lot of reps of the same things. Can you ask your trainer to change it up? I joined a gym that has a different workout every single day and that really makes me motivated to go because I don't get bored. Maybe have him write 5-10 different workouts for you and you can mix them up yourself? I wish you lived near me - I would love a workout buddy... Need to find one in my area to help hold myself accountable.

    I wish you the best and hope you have a great appointment in Jan and that you hit your goal! Keep up the good work!

    1. I'd love to change the routine, but that's what it is until surgery since I have a specific goal. I'm thinking afterwards I can change it up since I'm not targeting anything in particular. Congrats on your weight loss!!