Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas recap

A belated Merry Christmas to everyone!  I'm a bit late. Not because I was super busy or anything. Just lazy.

Friday I finished up my Christmas shopping. The stores, especially Walmart, weren't as busy as I thought they'd be. I went to Ocean State Job Lot to grab coloring pencils for my niece, a giant dog bed for the kitties, and something else I don't even remember. Walmart was a few half gallons of milk, as I wanted to make sure I had milk to make an iced mocha latte on the weekend, and a new electric razor for Bob. I also went to Cabela's to get Bob some fleece-lined jeans, beef sticks, bacon jerky, which almost didn't make it into his stocking, and some beef nuggets. It was almost exclusively men in that store. I don't know if they were shopping for themselves, or other male family members and friends. I came home and did all the wrapping, then started doing some cleaning.

Saturday Bob was off from work. We really didn't do anything other than some cleaning. We went to the grocery store later in the day to grab a few things. Surprisingly it wasn't a mad house like I thought it would be. Before bed we lit a fire and sat down to open our Christmas stockings.  Bob got me a pair of fleece pajama pants with cats all over them, a silver necklace and a mother cat and a kitten on it, and a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond. I gave the kitties their bed. As you can see, there's still room for only one cat, as each cat thinks they own it!

Sunday Bob had to work, so I just kind of hung out during the morning. I played around on the computer, caught up on a few blogs I read, and sipped my homemade iced mocha latte. I did some more cleaning, then went over my sister's house for dinner. We had turkey. I changed things up a bit, though. Instead of making a plate of food, I went straight to my favorite leftovers:  turkey, mayo and cranberry sauce on a dinner roll. I had a little stuffing on the side. That was my dinner. It was a perfect portion and I got to skip right to my favorite thing. I had some cookies for dessert. They were Almond Joy cookies.  They were made with a bag of coconut, a can of sweetened condensed milk, almonds, and a bag of chocolate chips. So yummy! I then made up a plate for Bob and met him at home.  Then we opened our gifts. One thing I bought him was a wood splitting ax, and I got some really weird looks from the men in Home Depot when I bought it. One guy even moved out of the way when I walked by! And when I was leaving the store, a man asked if I was going home to film the next Friday the 13th movie. Seriously? No one has seen someone buy an ax before??

I had Monday off from work, so I spent the day cleaning and cooking in preparation for dinner with the in-laws. My sister and the kids came over, too. We had ham, carrots, corn, mashed potatoes, and kielbasa with sauerkraut. Again, I skipped right to my favorite leftovers:  ham, pineapple, cherry and mayo on a dinner roll. I had some mashed potatoes on the side.

One of my favorite "leftovers" sandwiches.

And that's it. It's back to work, back to the daily grind and then onto the new year.

Happy New Year!

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