Tuesday, July 12, 2016

time to check the knees

I'm finally headed to the orthopedic doctor to have my knees checked out.  I go tomorrow morning. I'm getting pretty tired of being in pain when I walk up and down the stairs.  And after almost every workout I need to ice my knees.  My trainer has been after me for weeks to make the appointment, so I finally did.  He's really good about making sure I'm working out safely ("work above the pain" and "stop if you feel stabbing pain!") and asks me every single time I see him how my knees and back are doing.  He has knees issues himself, so he's very conscious of it.  As a matter of fact, he's going this week also to see about a revision of his previous knee replacement.

I'm nervous about going tomorrow, because I'm pretty much convinced I have arthritis.  The main reason I had weight loss surgery was to try and prevent that, as my maternal grandmother had it and was in a wheelchair and then eventually bedridden by the time she was 70. Scary stuff.  But I know half the battle is being active, and that's exactly what I'm doing now. It's ironic how my knees actually felt better when I was obese.  It's only since I lost the weight that I'm having issues with them.  But I've heard from doctors that all those years of wear and tear have a tendency to catch up with people once they lose the weight.  UGH!  It's just not fair.  (Yes, I want to have a tantrum...)

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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  1. I will keep a good thought for your knees. :)