Wednesday, July 6, 2016

small victory

I decided in April to start posting when I have a small victory. Whether it's avoiding sweets, or carbs, exercising when I didn't feel like it, or not pushing a coworker out the window, I'm going to post it. I've had some small victories since that post, but I've forgotten to post them. :)

Yesterday's small victory was the fact that I didn't buy anything in the cafeteria at work.  We have cold cases with various items, like sandwiches, salads, cheese snacks, yogurt, cheeseburgers, drinks, etc. We also have a freezer case and a snack rack.  The snack rack is what normally gets me in trouble.  There are some decent choices, like beef jerky and protein bars, but I tend to go for the pretzels or crispy pea snacks when I'm trying to be "good," or the Bugles or Pop Corners when I'm being "bad." I'd kicked that habit for a long time, but it reared it's ugly head again last week.  Mainly because my back was really bothering me, which was making it hard to sit at my desk and work. So, I made a few trips to the cafeteria to spend money I don't need to be spending on food I don't need to be eating.  As a result, I didn't lose any weight this past week.  I wasn't hungry, just restless.  I think that's the thing that will plague me for the rest of my life, unfortunately.  I'll just have to control it as best as I can.


  1. You and me both... I am such a bored grazer... I cannot keep anything bad in my house or i will literally ruin a whole good day of exercising and clean eating with one handful of chips/ice cream/what-have-you. It is SO HARD! Congrats for small victories :-)

    1. Same here. I've stopped buying lots of things because it just gives me a license to overeat or graze. Even protein bats! I'm just so weak lately!