Saturday, July 9, 2016

last night's dinner

Last night's dinner was sushi. Bob was working and I didn't feel like making anything.  The only time I have sushi is when I'm home alone since no one who lives close by likes sushi. I have three friends that like it, but one lives out of state and the other two are a 45 minute drive away. No one in my family likes it. So, I save it as a once-in-a-blue-moon treat.

My trainer recently told me that the local grocery store has great sushi. I was skeptical, as I always am when it comes to grocery store sushi. Typically, grocery store looks pretty generic and I'm suspicious of its freshness.  Plus the only thing I ever see is the California roll. Not bad, but I like a little more variety. He assured me it's fresh and tastes great, though, so I decided to grab some after training last night.

I got the spicy dragon roll and the spicy crunch roll. Each roll had 10 pieces and was packaged (they have a sushi counter where it's made to order or made fresh and packaged). What you see here are three pieces of each. It was a bit much for me, though--I was full after four pieces. And he was right--it tasted great. Very fresh and good quality. My only complaint was that they give you one little soy sauce packet, a couple bits of pickled ginger and a little dab of wasabi with each roll.  But most people would eat one whole roll in one sitting, so they most likely assume that's enough ginger and wasabi.  That's just not enough for me, though, since I can't each much in one sitting. (These two rolls are enough for about four meals, possible five.)  I bought a bottle of soy sauce, so that covered me.

I'm so happy I found good, inexpensive sushi. There's a good Japanese restaurant near me that's closer than the store, but if I happen to be in that store, I'll just buy it there.  It wasn't a whole lot cheaper than the restaurant, but I figure I saved about $3.00.

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  1. I can never, ever, get enough wasabi. I end up buying it from the supermarket in a large tube and keeping it in the fridge. :) I like mine mixed in with the soy sauce until neither resembles what they were initially, the soy sauce goes a strange shade of yellowish green. ;)

    Unfortunately our local great sushi place has become very unreliable. I am not sure how they remain in business. Anytime I feel like sushi and go there, I find a note on the door where they apologise for the inconvenience of being closed until X date usually several weeks into the future. At first they included reasons eg family emergency or out of stock travelling to Sydney to restock, but they seem to have quite given up on this, and now simply apologise for not being open. :/