Sunday, June 19, 2016

the week in review

Bob and I at Devil's Hopyard a couple weeks ago.
I haven't written one of these in a long time, so I figured I'd do it today.  It's easier to just wrap it all up in one post instead of several.

Devil's Hopyard
Last weekend Bob and I went to a family wedding in New York.  We had a good time:  we ate a lot (way too much--there was Tums involved); visited a pretty cool antique store (it was inside an old barn and it was pretty big); did some other shopping; spent time with family; and didn't hit any traffic, which was nice.  I was worried about getting my exercise done.  I didn't have a training appointment Friday, which meant doing it on my own, and Saturday and Sunday were on my own anyway. I had planned on using the gym at work, but with having to leave early I was pretty busy all day.  I then planned to do it when we got to the hotel (I brought my weights and kettle bell!), but we didn't get in until about 9 pm.  Saturday morning I got up, went down to the parking lot and jogged around for a couple minutes to warm up. Then I went to the room and did the routine, then back out to the parking lot for sprints. It was hard doing it in the morning, but I got it out of the way.  Same thing on Sunday, although I was even less enthusiastic than the day before.  But I got it done.  I was very proud of myself for not flaking out.  All I need is the tiniest excuse to not exercise.

Leo started his B-12 shots.  It's pretty easy and he doesn't seem to realize I'm giving him a shot.  His weight is stable for the moment, so I'm happy about that. He starts on his hypoallergenic diet this week.  This should be fun with 10 other cats to feed.  It means taking up all the dry food while we're at work, which Oscar isn't going to like!  An 8 pound bag of the hypoallergenic food is $62.00, so I won't be feeding it to the other cats.  Way too expensive!

Devil's Hopyard
Thomas looks great.  He's gaining some weight back and he's grooming again.  His mouth looks really good--no sign of infection or inflammation.  Looks like he doesn't have any lingering issues.
    I went to a seminar for work this week, which was very interesting.  For anyone who doesn't know what I do, I work at a bank and I look for suspicious activity, like money laundering, tax evasion, human trafficking, that sort of thing. It's really amazing what goes on in people's bank accounts when they think no one is watching. Or they know, and they try to beat the system. At the seminar there was a speaker who talked about what to look for in regards to human trafficking--she's a trafficking survivor. Scary stuff.

    I got some weeding done in my garden.  It just grows so fast and gets really overwhelming.  At least there isn't as much grass in it this year, which is great.  I just do a little at time. I come home from work and spend about 10 minutes weeding.  As a result, I'm almost done and it doesn't feel like I really did any work.  I'm still deciding if I want to dig up the whole thing and start over fresh. I keep going back and forth about it. I'd hate to lose all the established plants I have.

    Yesterday I was shopping for some plants and some kid asked his mom if I was pregnant. That was really humiliating and especially depressing, since I've lost 130 pounds, I'm 30 pounds from my goal, and I'm working out regularly. It took me right back to 343 pounds.  And, no, this wasn't some little three year old.  He looked to be about 10.  I know--kids will be kids.  But still.  The mom just said no and walked away.  Didn't apologize for him or anything. Hopefully she talked to him when she got home.  I guess my only consolation is this was a kid, not an adult.  If it was the mom who asked, I would have laid into her big time. There's absolutely no excuse for someone asking if someone is pregnant or telling them they look pregnant. If they're at a baby shower or the mom is in labor, then obviously the woman is pregnant. Otherwise, just shut up.  You run the risk of looking like an insensitive idiot and humiliating someone. All I keep thinking now is that I've done all this work and I still look pregnant. Anyway, I'm going to put it out of my mind and let it fuel my workouts.

    Here's a picture from our walk at Devil's Hopyard. We're on the covered bridge. Notice what's written on the top beam.  I think I will take this wise advice.

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