Wednesday, June 8, 2016

another update on leo

Last week I posted about some new issues that have popped up with Leo.  Saturday we took him into the vet so we can start the B-12 shots; he will need one per week for the next six weeks.  He got weighed and he was down only half an ounce, which could just be normal a weight fluctuation.

We then learned how to administer the shots.  I really don't want to drive a couple towns over once per week for six weeks, so I decided to do them myself.  It was actually very easy.  I was worried that the needle would be really big, or I would get squeamish or hurt Leo.  Dr. Robb explained how to administer the shot and then showed me. I have to scruff the back of his neck (pull up the skin), then just insert the needle quickly, and then push the plunger.  He then had me do one, which was just saline.  It was very easy. The needle was almost as small as an insulin needle and Leo didn't even notice the shot.  He just there purring the whole time!

We then talked about giving him a hypoallergenic diet for the next four to six weeks.  We're hoping that his weight loss and funky GI panel has to do with a new food allergy, or maybe inflammatory bowel disease or Crohn's.  I don't hope for those two diseases, but it's better than the alternative--cancer.  I took a few samples home, as well as one can of prescription food.  That one 5.5 ounce can was $2.67! Thankfully it's just one cat that needs this.  It going to be a real pain to have to feed Leo something different AND keep him away from the other food.  That means watching him eat and then taking up all the dry food when it's not meal time. That will be a really big change for the other cats, since they're used to grazing all day.

So, that's where we are now:  B-12 shots and a hypoallergenic diet for the next six weeks or so.

Wish me luck!!


  1. Poor Leo hope it helps

  2. When my cat was at EOL I was feeding her the Hills AD prescription food. $70 a case---and my other cat would slurp it up if I let him. Good wishes for Leo's recovery!

    1. Thanks! Should be interesting feeding just him the hypoallergenic food...I have 10 other vultures to fend off!