Tuesday, November 17, 2015

today's breakfast and lunch

Today I ate something I almost never eat anymore:  salad.  I very rarely eat it nowadays, for several reasons.  
  1. I ate tons of it when I followed the Medifast program.
  2. I ate tons of it in the two weeks leading up to the weight loss surgery.
  3. It's a waste to order it as a meal at a restaurant, because the leftovers tend to get soggy really fast.
  4. I prefer when someone else makes the salad.  It just tastes better for some reason.
So, yeah, I'm not big on salads anymore.  The only reason I took salad today was because I had Perdue Shortcuts chicken breast in the fridge, and I got a bag of salad free from the grocery store this past weekend.  My salad consisted of lettuce, onions, ham, chicken and feta cheese.  I topped it with Italian dressing.  

Breakfast was the usual Greek yogurt with dry roasted peanuts mixed in.

Snacks were celery and Sriracha hummus (fiery!), aged cheddar cheese, and green grapes.


  1. Lettuce and I are not good friends. There have been too many years of my mother putting bits of lettuce in the salad which I feel should not be in there - bits of brown leaves, lettuce not washed properly, etc. But lately I have been having cos lettuce twice a week in wraps and I have been enjoying it - mind you, I have prepared it very carefully. ;)

    Here is a salad I deeply love - baby spinach, strawberries, chicken, feta, balsamic dressing. ;)

    1. I like that salad also. I love the salty feta paired with sweet strawberries.

  2. I have a recipe for salad dressing you might like: 2 parts olive oil to 1 part lemon juice, crushed up garlic clove, dab of dijon mustard, salt and pepper to taste. Blend in a food processor. You can change the ratio of oil to lemon juice - i tend to go light on the oil and reverse the ratio. Super good and lower in calories than bottled dressing. I love salads :-) I've been eating mixed greens for lunch all week with a piece of grilled salmon on the top and some feta cheese.

    1. That dressing sounds very easy! I think I would like salads more if I put more effort into it. But many times I can't be bothered lol