Friday, November 13, 2015


I'm so happy it's Friday!  It's been a stressful week at work.  Not a bad week, just stressful.  I work at a bank and we're going through a regulatory exam at the moment.  It seems like I've been inundated with requests all of a sudden.  I know it's part of the whole process, but it's annoying to have to stop everything and spend the whole day pulling files, reports, etc.  At least it won't last forever.  Hopefully next week it will be done. The bright spot this week was getting a massive compliment from the examiner, and today I get to wear my jeans to work; it's Blue Jeans for Babies today.

I'm looking forward to a quick visit with my brother and sister-in-law tonight.  They're staying over and then catching the train to NY tomorrow.  We'll get to discuss The Walking Dead, which I started watching recently.  I'm definitely enjoying the show, although sometimes all the negativity and killing gets a little old.  The violence doesn't bother me.  I just get tired of seeing it sometimes. I just watched the episodes where they discovered, and then escaped, Terminus.  That was crazy!!  And disgusting.  But I guess if food is scarce you do what you have to do to survive. 

Leo will be going in for his dental surgery soon.  Just waiting for something to come together first. Luckily his x-rays showed nothing of concern, so he's clear for surgery.  The plan is to remove all of his teeth, although the vet will try to save the ones he can save. For the moment, we're keeping him going with antibiotic shots to control the infection.  Once he has the surgery, he should be good to go. 

And now back to work...


  1. I quit TWD around 4-5 episodes after Terminus.. the negativity was too much for me, plus I cannot handle Daryl's hairstyle anymore. It just makes me laugh, to think he is dying his hair constantly in a zombie apocalypse.. :) I preferred the short hair - with his natural colour - in the first season.

    1. The negativity does get to me, but I think once I'm done with the marathon and am caught up, it won't be so bad. It just gets to be too much when I watch 3 to 4 episodes in one night. I'm OK with the long hair. Presumably there are no hair stylists around so he can't wear it short, and he never cleans off so that's probably why his hair is dyed that color: to look like it's dirty. Just guessing, though.