Friday, September 11, 2015

something different: black bean hummus

I recently was made aware that they now make different types of hummus without chick peas.  While in the store I noticed several different types:  blacks bean, white bean, red lentil, and edamame.  I'm always up for trying a different flavor from what I usually buy, especially when it has less calories.

I decided to by Sweet & Spicy Black Bean Hummus.  It has only 40 calories per servings, versus 80-90 calories in the chick pea hummus I usually buy. 

I liked the hummus; it was sweet, spicy (very!), and tasted like black beans.  But I think it would be better served with pretzels or carrots, or another mild cracker or vegetable--something that doesn't clash with the strong flavor of the hummus.  I found that the celery and hummus flavors were competing and it didn't balance well; it was a bit overpowering.

I would buy it again, but I wouldn't use it on celery.

It's not too appetizing to look at, but it tastes good.


  1. Sounds like it would be perfect on a rice cake. :)

    I just did hummus and turkey on a rice cake this week, but because they are both fairly bland it wasn't a huge winner - I will keep an eye out for new kinds of hummus to try.. :)

    1. Agreed! I have some left so maybe I will try it this weekend. And I can where turkey and hummus would be bland. Unless you buy a flavored hummus. I don't know what's available to you, but we have one that's a sriracha flavor and it's hot! Good flavor, though. Maybe try that using a very thin layer of it.

  2. I made a rice cake with a slice of chicken, cheese and avocado yesterday for dinner. Yum! You both have such great suggestions!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I made the one with cream cheese, ham and hard boiled egg for dinner last night. Snoskred created a monster!

      I have wasabi goat cheese I need to use. I'm thinking that might be good, but I'm not sure what to pair it with.