Thursday, September 17, 2015

a new, catchy tune

I was in bed the other night, scrolling through Facebook while Bob was fast asleep next to me.  Usually when I'm scrolling through I'm keeping an eye out for the important stuff:  non-dramatic posts by friends, Def Leppard updates, and cute cat pictures and videos (which I have to admit is usually Priority #1). 

I think anyone who knows me, and even those that just know me on Facebook, know that Def Leppard is my all-time favorite band:  I travel all over to see their shows--including Canada and Vegas, I listen to them all the time (sorry, dear!), and my license plate references them.  They recently announced their new album (or is it MP3 now?) would be released the end of October; I was happy for something to look forward to since they take a long time to release material.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw an update from a fellow Def Leppard fan...and it was a link to their new song, Let's Go! I had no idea they would release a song early.  As I laid there in bed, in the dark, with my husband sleeping, all I could think about was hearing the song.  I didn't want to wake up Bob, so I went into the bathroom and played it on my phone.

My first thought was how much it sounds like songs from the Hysteria album, which isn't a bad thing; it was my favorite album.  The song reminds me a bit of Pour Some Sugar on Me.  I like that it sounds more "produced" than some other songs from their more recent albums and I also like that it sounds a bit heavier.

I liked it on the first listen, but it took several listens to really like it and get excited about it.  Listening to the lyrics, the beat, and all the guys singing along, this song makes me feel the same joy and anticipation I feel when I see them live.  When I listen to this song, it's as if I'm in the arena, hearing AC/DC blasting on the speakers right before they take the stage.  I haven't felt that way about one of their songs in a very long time.  And it feels good!

I'm more excited than ever to hear the new album. October 30 better arrive soon!

If anyone wants to listen, go here:  Let's Go by Def Leppard

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  1. Agree and love the backing vocals :)