Monday, January 2, 2017

today's food diary

Here's today's food diary. It says I earned 398 calories from exercise. Seems a bit excessive. I have it synced with the Fitbit app, so I think that's why it's in there. I worked out this morning, but I doubt I earned that many calories. My goal is 1,200 a day, whether I exercise or not. I don't want to get used to adding extra calories, because that will slow down the weight loss. It also keeps changing my nutrient goals. My protein goal is about 105-110 grams a day, not 140 grams.

Anyway, I didn't do too bad today. I could have done without the egg muffins. The only reason I ate them was because I baked them tonight. I wasn't even hungry. I went to the movies and didn't get popcorn, which is unusual for me. I brought my bottle of Crystal Light and a Kashi granola bar.

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