Monday, January 30, 2017

biscuits and sausage gravy

I went to the grocery store Friday night after working out with my trainer. Bob was working a double shift and wouldn't be home until midnight, and since I'd done really well with eating during the week I didn't want to risk blowing it by sitting home alone watching TV and having time alone with the food in the kitchen. I've come to realize that my urges to eat are strongest when he's not home, or when I think he can't see or hear me in the other room. So, I hit the grocery store. I've found that I like going grocery shopping. As I've said before, I really enjoy looking at and shopping for food. So many possibilities.  And I wanted to buy some fruits and veggies anyway. I ate more of those this week, and it seems to have helped. I didn't eat nearly as much processed crap. I bought bananas, fresh green beans, celery for snacking, and a bunch of those frozen veggie steam packs, the ones with the sauce. I normally don't like frozen veggies, but they now make a lot of different combinations with sauce and some with rice or quinoa. I looked at the calorie content and I can basically eat the whole package for about 150 calories. Toss in some chicken and I have a full meal. Best part?  They were only $1.00 each. I also bought some biscuits for the purpose of making biscuits and sausage gravy for Bob Saturday morning.

When I went to go make the sausage gravy, I realized I didn't buy the sausage. But I improvised, of course. It called for bulk breakfast sausage, but I used maple flavored pork sausage links that I had in the freezer. Not the fully cooked brown and serve kind, but the raw kind that has to be fully cooked. After cooking I tossed the links in the food processor to grind them up and it came out the perfect consistency. I then stirred in 1/4 cup of flour and 2 1/2 cups of milk, let it come to a boil while stirring and let it thicken a bit. That's it. I put the toasted biscuit halves on the plate, topped each with a sausage patty, scrambled eggs and gravy.

This is Bob's plate:  3 biscuit halves, each topped with a maple sausage patty, scrambled eggs and sausage gravy. He wasn't able to finish it.

And this is mine:  half a light multi-grain English muffin, one scrambled egg and some sausage gravy. Mine is on a salad plate and Bob's is on a dinner plate. I couldn't finish mine. Although, that could be because I took a taste of his breakfast before I gave it to him. Had to make sure it wasn't poison...

This is what I woke up to Saturday morning.  It was a rare moment of Marty being still, so I grabbed my phone and took a pic.

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