Friday, January 27, 2017

small victories: bagel vs. fruit AKA "things left in the cafeteria"

A cafeteria/kitchen at work is a wonderful thing to have, except when you're trying like hell to get your diet on track so you can lose a few pounds before surgery.

During the holidays it was a dumping ground for cookies, candy, miscellaneous gift basket contents, cake and other assorted items. Even fruit cake, which actually got eaten.  (I tried it for the first time and I liked mom would be so proud!) It was awful having to go in there everyday to put my lunch in the fridge, refill my water bottle, etc. Now that the holidays are over, it's way easier to deal with going in there, as there typically isn't anything there. Today, however, I went into the cafeteria to get my hard-boiled egg, which was to be my mid-morning snack, and spotted bagels and fruit salad left over from a meeting. Immediately it popped into my head to grab 1/4 of a bagel (luckily they were cut up into quarters) and some cream cheese. I fought with myself about it. A quarter of a bagel is no big deal, it's not that many calories, I just lost a couple pounds (yay me!), and on and on. (I don't know why free food at work is such a powerful magnet!) You know what I did?  I didn't take one. I got my egg from the fridge and grabbed a few pieces of the fruit salad and went back to my office. Yes, I really REALLY wanted that bagel, but I told myself that bagels aren't going to go extinct any time soon and if I want to hit my goal before surgery, I have to make sacrifices. Yes, for me not eating a bagel is a sacrifice, and yes, I do think that bagels or (insert any food here) will go extinct tomorrow which is why I-must-eat-it-today.

So, yeah, I ate my egg and fruit salad and I'm just fine.


  1. Yay you! ;)

    Lucky for me my body tells me very clearly that Bread Is Not My Friend. I read once a blog post from a lady who owned chickens who would not feed them bread - she called it empty calories. I've thought of it that way ever since and it has reduced the temptation for me. My girls do not get bread either. They need nutrients. ;) Plus they prefer blueberries, tuna, strawberries, greens.. watermelon is a big hit with them right now..

    1. The chickens know how to eat well! Tuna? Really?? Never would have thought that.

      I went back into the cafeteria later in the day and figured the bagels would be gone, because any free food left out gets inhaled, but no it was still there. I didn't touch it, though!