Saturday, October 1, 2016

WLS before and after pics

I posted this on Facebook once, because I think it's very true in regards to what our bodies look like after massive weight loss. Might not look like it to the average person, but there are usually undergarments, such as Spanx and padded bras, that smooth everything out and put things back where they're supposed to be. I don't personally use Spanx because I don't want to feel like I'm bound up in a sausage casing, but I do buy molded cup underwire bras. Never thought I'd buy molded cups, but I need to now, as the girls are looking a bit deflated.  I tell people I'm "putting my boobs on" when I put the bra on.

I thought it would be cute to post what I think my body would look like after the abdominoplasty and panniculectomy. No, I'm not a cat, but you get the idea. (Kind of wish I was so I could lounge and sleep all day, and have people make and serve my meals.)

Before weight loss surgery:

Fluffy, round, and robust.  This one never misses a meal.  Or a snack.

After weight loss surgery:

Pretty sleek and healthy, but lots of saggy skin.

 After a tummy tuck:

Svelte, soft in the right places, and oh so proud to show it off. She's lovin' life. 
(This is Tiffany, by the way.)

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