Monday, September 12, 2016

the new foster baby: Marty

So, we have a new foster kitty and his name is Marty.  The original intention was to not be a "foster failure" since we already have a million cats; however, with Oscar not having much time left, it's likely we will adopt him. We got him from the Stratford Cat Project.

We got him last Sunday. We put him in the front bedroom with his own cat tree, toys, and food. It took a couple days before he would come out from under the bed. We tossed Tiffany in there with him Monday night and that's what got him to loosen up a little. Tiffany couldn't have cared less about him, but he was a little hissy at first. He's fine now, though.  Throughout the week we introduced another cat or two by bringing them into his room. Felix and Oscar didn't care at all; Max, Leo and Leia were a little growl-y; and Bailey wasn't, and isn't, too happy, but he's a bit of a Mr. Cranky Pants sometimes with certain cats. I'm not sure about Thelma, Louise, Lou and Thomas.  I didn't bring them upstairs.  

That's Tiffany with Marty.
We've been playing with him every night.  He loves to play and get pet.  He's a regular pur monster, too.  We went to the store and got him his favorite toys:  plastic springs and mice.  He doesn't seem all that impressed with them right now, but he may be playing with them when we're not home.    

Today I opened the bedroom door and let Marty out to explore. Surprisingly he came out within a half hour.  All was quiet--no fights--so Bob and I went out for the day. When we got home everything still seemed OK. I just checked on Marty and his feet are dirty.  That means he was downstairs exploring. (His feet aren't dirty because the house is dirty.  Bob cleaned the fireplace yesterday in order to run a chimney liner, and the hearth is quiet dusty still, which means Marty was in the living room inspecting the hearth.)

He's a shy guy with a freakishly long tail (Seriously. LONG!) and big ears, but he's a sweet kitty.  It just takes him a little time to get comfortable. Noises seems to make him a little jumpy.  Once he's comfortable, though, he's looking for belly rubs and purring up a storm. I have a feeling he will become ours eventually.

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