Tuesday, September 13, 2016

small victories

I haven't had many small victories at all in the last few weeks, as my eating has pretty much spiraled out of control. Not sure why, really. Maybe because I haven't put any serious effort into advanced food prep, such as washing and chopping the celery for the week, chopping the cheese for snacks, boiling the eggs, etc. It seems I go through cycles:  I shop and prep everything ahead of time, so I'm set up for the week; then I'm away or get lazy one weekend and don't do anything, which leads to grabbing whatever I can during the week; then I get back on track for a week or two. Lather, rinse, repeat. These cycles are what is causing me to not lose as much weight as I could have by now. I've lost about 17 pounds since starting with a personal trainer back in March; however, I feel it could be more.  So, I'm making a supreme effort this week to stay the course.

My victories:
  • Last week I passed by the bagels in the store and didn't buy any. That's a feat for me--bagels are my kryptonite.  I buy two or three under the guise that they're for Bob, when really I'm hoping he forgets about them and then they're all mine. Mine, I tell you!
  • I hard-boiled a dozen eggs this weekend and prepped my celery for the week.
  • I went to the gym with the BFF last Friday night. That's not a big deal normally; however, my trainer is out on medical leave for knee replacement and I usually train with him on Fridays. This was the first week that I didn't have a Friday appointment. Since Bob was working late, my first inclination was to grab some sushi and go home and watch the Golden Girls all night. (I know, I lead a very exciting life.)
As I mentioned, my trainer is out on medical leave. Since I won't be seeing him for a month or so, it's going to be really important that I get my nutrition under control and I stick with the workout routine and schedule. I just have to remember that his being out for a month isn't a license for me to "take a break." Not only because it's a waste of money if I don't keep up with it, but because he will know as soon as I got back for my next appointment with him. Obviously he will be able to tell if I'm struggling. Plus, I'm convinced that he just has a sixth sense about this stuff. 


  1. Keep at it! It is so hard... The past few weeks have been difficult for me as well with all the food festivals around my area and traveling over the holidays. I am study at a perpetual 255lbs and in one weekend of binge eating, can gain over 6 lbs! Which takes me like 2-3 days to "lose" and get back to normal. As such, no decrease in weight in the last three weeks...

    I have found that the nutrition is so so important and without that, the exercise doesn't even count. Sad, isn't it? Ugh... But, here's to "back on track"! I am trying to keep my calories at 1500 per day for the rest of the month. I prepped some salmon for the week and have all my snacks ready to go.

    Keep at it Dawn! You can do it! I cannot wait until we are both at the point where we are at our goal weights and we can indulge a little on the weekends and not worry about sabotaging all of our hard work. That is my goal - use the 5 working days to keep it all under control and indulge on the weekend. If i can get down to 150-180lbs, who cares if you put on 2-3 pounds on the weekend when you can use the work week to get back to normal? Maybe that's not the right way of thinking about it, but that is my goal. Good luck! You can do it and you are an inspiration!!

  2. That is supposed to say "I am STUCK at a perpetual 255lbs..."

  3. The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one, and you've identified your problems perfectly! I too have been struggling with my food choices, as well as something of a food fixation, so I'm doing a Whole30 this month to get back on track. Having those guidelines is so helpful to me! I like being held accountable. Good luck, Dawn! You are doing an AMAZING job!

  4. Thanks, all! Yes, it's definitely difficult to stay on track, but I'm working on it!